Abaco Club Iced Tea - LOT 35

Abaco Club Iced Tea - LOT 35

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Luxury Black Tea - excellent color, lively sultry brisk character with a piquant astringency. An oaky burgundy finish lingers very nicely. Lively, bright cup offers genuine refreshment. Medium caffeine levels, high antioxidant properties, the longer the tea is brewed the better the antioxidant benefits. Suggested to serve with a splash of milk to cream out the cup.

Ingredients: Organic Black Tea

Tea Origin: India & China

5 teabags per box

1 bag will make 4 quarts of iced tea



Instructions are for making 4 quarts of Iced Tea. If making more, simply apply recipe measurements to amount of Iced Tea required. 
1. Place 1 Iced Tea Bag into a 1 quart jug (that can withstand boiling water). 
2. Draw fresh filtered cold water and bring to a boil. 
3. Pour boiled water over the tea bag. 
4. Steep for 7 minutes. 
5. Squeeze tea bag as you remove it (captures all the flavor). 
6. Pour contents from 1 quart jug into serving vessel and dilute with 3 parts cold water. 
7. Lightly sweeten to taste (simple syrup is recommended) 
8. Add ice as required. 
9. Garnish and serve. 


a) Place 1 tea bag into container for each 4 quarts 
b) Fill with filtered tap water. 
c) Place in direct sun. 
d) Steep for 5 hours or to preference. 
e) Garnish and sweeten to taste