Organic Hibiscus Revive Iced Tea - LOT 35

Organic Hibiscus Revive Iced Tea - LOT 35


Organic Herbal Tea - a lovely red infusion similar to pomegranate but with a 'pucker power’ taste similar to lemonade. Deep in Hibiscus flavor which is tangy and full of natural Vitamin C – a hugely refreshing herbal tea that strengthens the spirit and reinvigorates the senses. Caffeine Free, low in antioxidant properties.

Ingredients: Organic Hibiscus petals

Herb Origin: Egypt

5 teabags per box

1 bag will make 4 quarts of iced tea



Instructions are for making 4 quarts of Iced Tea. If making more, simply apply recipe measurements to amount of Iced Tea required. 
1. Place 1 Iced Tea Bag into a 1 quart jug (that can withstand boiling water). 
2. Draw fresh filtered cold water and bring to a boil. 
3. Pour boiled water over the tea bag. 
4. Steep for 7 minutes. 
5. Squeeze tea bag as you remove it (captures all the flavor). 
6. Pour contents from 1 quart jug into serving vessel and dilute with 3 parts cold water. 
7. Lightly sweeten to taste (simple syrup is recommended) 
8. Add ice as required. 
9. Garnish and serve. 


a) Place 1 tea bag into container for each 4 quarts
b) Fill with filtered tap water. 
c) Place in direct sun. 
d) Steep for 5 hours or to preference. 
e) Garnish and sweeten to taste