Imperial Breakfast - Lot 35

Imperial Breakfast - Lot 35

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Specialty Tea - The perfect start to your day, this breakfast tea has a bold and robust flavor with burgundy depth and malt highlights creating a bright golden cup. High antioxidant properties, the longer the tea is brewed the better the antioxidant benefits. Biodegradable pyramid teabags offer fuller flavor tea. 

Our Pyramid Tea Bags are made from a plant based material (sugar cane, corn, or abaca) all of which are biodegradable. They are NOT made from nylon or any other petroleum based compound. 

Ingredients: Black tea

Tea Origin: India, Kenya.

25 Pyramid Teabags per box

Steeping Times:
Mild: 2-3 minutes
Medium: 4-5 minutes
Strong: 6-7 minutes
We recommend: 4-5 minutes – made easy with our handy tea timer also available