Organic Egyptian Camomile (Decaf) - Lot 35

Organic Egyptian Camomile (Decaf) - Lot 35

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Organic Herbal Tea – Delightfully aromatic with an expressive wild apple-like character, red cornflower petals for added visual appeal and to deepen the cup with intricate floral layers. Light body with a pale yellow cup. Naturally caffeine-free, often sipped for relief of insomnia. Medium antioxidant properties, the longer the tea is brewed the better the antioxidant benefits. Biodegradable pyramid teabags offer fuller flavor tea.

Ingredients: Camomile, Amaranth and Red Cornflower petals.

Herbs Origin: Egypt. Flower Origins: France, China

25 Pyramid Teabags per box

Steeping Times:
Mild: 2-3 minutes
Medium: 4-5 minutes
Strong: 6-7 minutes
We recommend: 2-3 minutes – made easy with our handy tea timer also available

If brewing for iced tea purposes, brew the tea slightly longer (the ice will dilute it).