Birdy Shaker by Erik Lorincz
Birdy Shaker by Erik Lorincz Birdy Shaker by Erik Lorincz Birdy Shaker by Erik Lorincz

Our Tastemaker, Erik Lorincz, has always loved visiting Japan and its acclaimed bar culture. Each time, he would bring as many shakers as he could carry home to London in search of the perfect bar tool. And as fate would have it, one evening in a small bar in Osaka, the man searching the world for the ideal shaker had a drink with the man trying to make the world’s best shaker. And there you have it. Birdy by Erik Lorincz. Kanpai.

Birdy shakers add air bubbles so your cocktails will have a richer texture. They mix so well there’s not even a need to dry shake egg whites beforehand. Birdy shakers are great for cocktails that use cream, heavy liqueurs, honey and syrups, egg whites or thick juices. They are also very good for cocktails that use citrus because they don’t oxidize the ingredients.
Even if your shaking technique is simple, the shape and design of Birdy Shakers actually helps the movement inside, making it ideal for classic cocktails. Erik suggests that you shake for a bit longer and use plenty of ice. Also avoid filling the shaker too high, as it will affect the amount of dilution necessary for a balanced cocktail. 

500ml size