Eclipse Blend Pyramid Tea Bag Tin
In Fairmont’s renowned lobbies and charming courts, “taking tea” is a fashionable, time-honoured tradition. In celebration of this grand heritage, we invite you to enjoy a cup of our exclusive, 100% organic Eclipse blend, the first in our commemorative Fairmont Select tea series. 

Flavorful and full-bodied, Eclipse is nothing short of extraordinary. A rich trio of Indian, Chinese and Sri Lankan black teas, this aromatic cup is rich and moody on the nose with natural bergamot essence, opening with malty astringency and leads to round notes of oak and citrus. Pairs well with all types of food and is enjoyable at all times of the day. Coppery bright with alluring depth - especially enticing with milk. Gluten free. 

20 Pyramid tea bags made from biodegradable material.