Glop & Glam Creamsicle Mist Detangler

Similar to the frozen sweat treat sans the stickiness, this lighter than a feather leave-in conditioning spray refreshens and livens locks and infuses moisture. But don't let the delicious sweetness fool you; Creamsicle Mist is a force to be reckoned with. The unmatched formula detangles without build-up, battles bedhead and rids hair of that funky locker room aroma. 8.5 oz. size


  • easily detangles wet or dry hair
  • refresh and control morning hair
  • lightweight, leave-in treatment
  • natural lice preventative ingredients
  • paraben & alcohol free
  • phthalate free
For best results: Spray evenly on towel-dried or dry hair & style as desired. Use daily to refresh and rejuvinate, style without washing. After playing, sleeping or out and about, spray into dry hair to neutralize odor and lightly moisturize hair, then comb through and restyle.