Lavender Dreams Set

Lavender Dreams Kit
* Lavender Body Spray
* Lavender Eye Pillow
* Turkish Body Scrub

Lavender Body Spray 100ml
Turkish Body Scrub 237 g

Lavender Dreams:

Imagine yourself in Lavender fields kissed by the French sun, your senses enveloped by the calming and balancing benefits of Wild Lavender. Breathe deeply as you experience this rejuvenating home spa experience.

Step 1
To begin, exfoliate the skin in the shower or bath using Turkish Body Scrub.

Step 2
After cleansing, gently pat dry then mist the body with Lavender Body Spray. Massage lightly into the skin with long, gentle strokes.

Step 3
Relax with the Lavender Eye Pillow over your eyes.

Step 4
Clear your mind. Take five deep cleansing breaths. Let stress melt away. Meditate as you like for 10 minutes.

 Emerge feeling centered, balanced and relaxed.