Five Ways to Celebrate National Relaxation Day with an At-Home Day of R and R

Five Ways to Celebrate National Relaxation Day with an At-Home Day of R and R

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, National Relaxation Day is a much-needed day to celebrate what we could all use a little more of - a day to do less and prioritize ourselves. So this August 15th, let’s take time to embrace all things cortisol reducing with a day of pampering at home.  Here are five ways to make your home the ultimate relaxation zone.

Take Time to be Present

So often, eating or drinking becomes something we cram into our day before rushing off somewhere. Yet, rituals are great ways to step back from our busy lives and offer the opportunity to ground and stabilize us. Taking a moment to pause and enjoy a few deep breaths while enjoying a cup of tea will help you calm the mind and hone in on the moment. Fairmont’s Well-Being Tea Collection offers the perfect opportunity to slow down and practice savoring with luxury teas such as the Fairmont’s LOT35 Hush Blend, a slightly herbaceous tea with notes of lavender and camomile perfect for that slow cup of tea.

Soak Away Stress

Turn your bathroom into a zen-like haven with a few simple spa secrets. Kerstin Florian’s Mineral Wellness Soak is crafted with hand-harvested salts designed to turn your bathtub into a detoxifying treatment that restores balance. The premium product blends science with natural ingredients such as algae and everlasting flower water for a level of ahhhh that will have you well on the way to melting away stress. Follow up your soak by wrapping your body in the Fairmont’s Waffle Robe. The lightweight kimono style is both chic and lightweight for year-round pamper sessions because baths shouldn’t just be a cold-weather activity. 

Nap Guilt-Free

As the Dalai Lama says, “sleep is the best meditation.”  Naps are known to lower stress, help to regulate mood, reduce anxiety and depression and induce relaxation. The best part?  Naps can take place just about anywhere. So take your snooze to the outdoor terrace, hammock, or the sofa or lounger indoors.  Wherever you choose to enjoy a bit of zzz’s, Fairmont’s new Cable Knit Throw  is the adult version of a blankie that is a must-have. The beautiful bubble knit throw is incredibly soft and offers additional UV protection, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor relaxation. 

Make Time for Nature

The benefits of nature-based activity are fundamental to relaxation. Even short bouts of exercise like walks or trail hikes are shown to increase feelings of calmness, boosting endorphin levels and promoting happiness.  Carving out an hour during your day of relaxation for movement outdoors will reap benefits for the rest of your day (and week).  Make sure to care for your skin while taking in a dose of vitamin D with Hampton Sun’s line, such as the spf30 Continuous Mist Mineral Sunscreen, known for its ultralight silky protection.  Follow up a day in the elements with the refreshing and invigorating Hydrating Aloe Continuous Mist. Your skin will thank you. 

The Magic of Touch

No time to get a massage?  Rose 31’s Massage and Body Perfuming Oil is the perfect at-home remedy for those sore muscles.  Engage a loved one to work out the knots with light massage techniques or explore self-massage techniques on trigger points such as the heel of your palm (hello, too much texting and typing).  Whatever method you choose, the benefits of massage on our bodies and mental state are instant.  What’s more, sometimes a less is more approach with a scented oil like Rose 31 can soften the skin and muscles with less physical pressure so the brain can also let go, along with the muscles.