High Style with Fairmont’s Pet Project

High Style with Fairmont’s Pet Project

A pet is a beloved member of your family, and the Fairmont Hotels & Resorts family too! A number of our hotels have canine ambassadors, specially trained dogs who welcome animal lovers from British Columbia to Quebec, Boston to Hawai’i and Kenya. And many Fairmont Hotels & Resorts are dog friendly, so your furry friends can enjoy your travels as much as you do. To keep pets comfortable at home and on the road, Fairmont Store is proud to present the Pet Collection, stylish and modern must-have items available in the Fairmont Store. 

 Accessories Make the Dog

Your dog might obediently heel by your side at home off leash, but in public a beautiful collar and leash combo is a necessity. The Fairmont Dog Collar and Fairmont Dog Leash are made by the venerable leather goods brand Roots in Canada. Both are offered in two shades of Italian leather (gray or tan) and embossed with the Fairmont logo.

 The leash, 1-inch wide and 4-feet long, is suitable for nearly all breeds. There are four sizes of collars, ranging from small for 10-14-inch necks up to extra large for 22-26-inch necks. 

 International Style Inspired by Lea

Fairmont collaborated with Labbvenn, a Polish design company recognized for its high-quality, beautifully designed and detailed pet products. A golden retriever named Lea is the official canine muse for the couple behind Labbvenn’s designs.

 Beyond personal dog style, the Fairmont Pet Collection includes items that blend beautifully with contemporary interior design. Each is mindfully crafted from high-quality, carefully sourced materials.

 Beauty Sleep for Your Pup

Your cat or dog can sleep just as soundly as you do when you stay at a Fairmont Hotel or Resort thanks to their Fairmont Pet Bed. The clean and modern design of the Møvik Dog Bed complements the functionality of a soft, perfectly shaped bed that is ideal for travel or home. The bed is available in three sizes to accommodate large to small pets.

The bed has a removable cushion made with breathable foam and covered in high-quality 100 percent cotton, which molds to a dog's form and supports the body and spine. The soft sides of the bed can cradle the head for cozy nights of sound sleep.

 Best of all, the cover and the inner mattress are machine washable (delicate cycle and air dry) or they can be dry cleaned. Between washings, fluff it up and remove hair with an upholstery brush to keep it fresh.

 Cat and Dog Cuddlers

Small breeds like the French bulldog, beagle, dachshund, pug, basenji and terriers love to snuggle into a protective cocoon. The Lukko Dog Bed is an oval basket that surrounds a dog’s natural shape, lending comfort and security.

 The Lukko’s off-white outer surface is made of braided strands of a hardy cotton-polyester blended fiber. The breathable polyester cushion is fully removable for cleaning. The entire bed can be hand- or machine-washed on a delicate cycle and air dried or dry cleaned.

For cats or tiny dog breeds like the Maltese, Yorkshire terrier, chihuahua, pomeranian or shih tzu, the Coco Dog/Cat Bed is ideal. This soft basket is made of high-quality Oeko-Tex® Certified rope in a dark shade. The bottom of the basket has a soft, breathable cushion that helps your pet rest comfortably. Its easy-care maintenance (brush to remove pet hair, and hand- or machine-wash on delicate cycle and air dry) will make it yours and your pet’s favorite perch.

 Make a Blanket Statement

Just like us, pets prize comfort and warmth, especially when away from their home, so the padded Fosser Pet Mat is an ideal travel companion. A durable polyester-cotton and a thermal-insulated, non-woven fabric are quilted together to create an anti-allergenic and non-absorbent cover. To clean it, simply unclip the leather strap and dry clean or machine-wash it on a delicate cycle then steam, iron or dry on low heat. The generously sized Asnen Pet Blanket is made of a durable wool-blend fabric. One or even two pets can snuggle together and enjoy sweet dreams.

 Why not treat your four-footed family member to an upgrade today? Then book your next stay, along with Fido and Fi-Fi, at one of our pet-friendly hotels.


Charlene Rooke is drinks and travel writer based in Vancouver, Canada, who has visited more than 60 countries in search of perfect martinis and Manhattans.