How to Style Your Bed like a Luxury Hotel

How to Style Your Bed like a Luxury Hotel

Imagine traveling home from a peaceful Bali getaway while a wave of apprehension slowly engulfs you. You dread the inevitable, not the return to routine or responsibility, but the return to your bed. Your Bali vacation gave you peaceful nights filled with sweet dreams. Travel disrupts your sleep cycle as you adjust to the time difference and chaos of a new environment. So why do you sleep better in a hotel than your own bed?

The answer isn’t ocean views or tranquil gardens. It’s all about transforming your bedroom into a calm, cool oasis. To style your bed for optimal sleep requires just a few simple adjustments. One way to recreate the ambiance of a luxury hotel room is to opt for an all-white bed. The timeless sophistication of a crisp and clean color palette means your room will immediately feel less cluttered. This promotes an ease of mind which puts your worries on do not disturb for the night. There are three elements you shouldn’t neglect: pillows, linens and the mattress.

The Right Mattress

A premium mattress holds the key to comfort and is always worth the investment. The Fairmont Stearns & Foster® Luxury Plush Euro Pillowtop mattress offers built-in cooling technology for your sweet dreams. Memory-foam mattresses have become widely popular for their body-conforming personalization and comfort. The Fairmont Posturepedic® Luxury Plush Euro Pillowtop mattress can be found in most Fairmont Hotel rooms. It’s specifically designed to counteract leaving body impressions with pre-compressed foam. That keeps you from rolling into the same place on your mattress night after night.

Add High-Quality Linens

Silky, smooth sheets are a necessary indulgence, but not all luxury bed linens are created equally. The National Sleep Foundation confirms temperature impacts quality of sleep, so select a breathable material such as cotton to keep you cool in warmer months and warm in the cool months. Fairmont properties provide cotton sateen sheets in every room to ensure guests are wrapped in luxury. These sheets feel ultra-soft and smooth on your skin, yet they offer more durability than satin alternatives.

Choose a plush duvet with a soft, smooth cover for the final layer. When it’s time to make the bed, secure the fitted sheet to the mattress, and then fold the top sheet into hospital corners with the right side of the sheet facing the mattress. It may seem counterintuitive, but this way, the right side is visible when you fold the top sheet back over the duvet. During the day, add a colorful throw for a pop of color!

Choose the Right Pillow

For a lavish, cloud-like feeling, finish dressing your bed with pillows decked out in matching shams. But don’t forget the pillows you plan to actually sleep on. Invest in high-quality pillows that support your preferred sleep positions. Feather and down pillows or synthetic fiber pillows offer an array of choices. The synthetic versions are great for those who suffer from allergies. Or you can invest in a pillow protector to add a protective layer between you and the pillow filling.

No matter what bed style you choose, don’t settle for anything less than the best you can afford. At the end of the day, you deserve a good night’s sleep wherever you are in the world.

Mary Martin has chased her passion for travel from her Central Florida home to Japan’s Miyajima Island, Australia’s Whitsundays and Italy’s Umbrian hill towns. Her destination and luxury lifestyle articles have been featured in Romeing Srl and Orlando Style Magazine.