Pet-Friendly Tips for Making that Dream Vacation with Your Dog a Success!

Pet-Friendly Tips for Making that Dream Vacation with Your Dog a Success!

Nothing compares to the joy of coming home to the love and affection of your pet. So why not bring your furry friend along with you on your travels and take in those extra walks, cuddles and adventures? With a little extra planning, traveling with your dog isn't as difficult as you might think. The rewards (not to mention those adorable pics) are worth it!

In celebration of International Dog Day and Fairmont Store’s Roots pet accessory line, here are a few top tips for traveling with pup:

Consider the mode of Transport

Remove much of the uncertainty by introducing your pup to the mode of transportation you plan on taking before the trip. For example, regularly introducing pets to cars will make them more comfortable with the journey as they grow.  Try putting your pet in the backseat for a few minutes and closing the door when they are puppies. Then work your way up to longer periods when you are actually in motion. 

It will likely be tricky to have pets used to airplanes before travel. However, you can save yourself a lot of anxiety by researching your airline's restrictions well in advance and ensuring your pet is used to the carrier they will be traveling in. Ensure you check the pet policy and size restrictions for under-seat travel and cargo.  Also, check all your pet's vaccinations comply with the destination you are arriving in for a smooth travel experience.

Pack Your Pet’s Favorites

Traveling on planes with a dog doesn’t have to be anxiety-inducing. But, just like that perfect throw or favorite sweater you travel with, your pup also needs a degree of comfort. Pack the blanket or stuffie they play with at home, so airplane snuggles help them feel at ease. Just leave that squeak toy at home to avoid annoying fellow passengers at the airport or on the plane. 

Stretch Your Legs (and Your Dog’s Too)

Before you load your dog in the car for a long drive or plane ride, let them release some of that energy. A game of fetch, a long trail walk or a few laps around that city park will help rid you, and your pet, of any stressors and perhaps make the extra hours of sitting more enjoyable. 

Seek out Pup-Loving Fairmont Hotels

Once you discover Fairmont Hotels and Resorts’’ VIP or ‘Very Important Pet Programs’, you will never want to leave Fido at home. Fairmont knows that your pet is part of your family, just as they are at many of our hotels. From complimentary dog beds, water bowls, treats and toys to menus for your pet’s palate, walking guides and dog sitting services, pup-approved properties for a doggone good time are found across North and Central America. In addition, many Fairmont hotels have their own canine ambassadors onsite that welcome guests and provide both kids and adults alike with smiles.

You’ve Arrived - for a Tail Wagging Good Time

Once you’ve reached your destination, Fido is going to be just as excited to get out and explore as you are. If you haven’t already scoped out the where to go, the hotel concierge is a great resource for the best dog friendly activities such as hiking, walking paths, pet friendly breweries and patios as well as markets beaches and outdoor parks.  For a stylish adventure out, Fairmont Store’s new Roots Dog Leash and Dog Collar make for a smart looking stroll while the handcrafted leather is rugged enough to see you through many travels to come.  Pro tip: the more tired the pup (and you) are, the better you will both sleep.