Head into a Healthy New Year with these Simple Self-Care Tips

Head into a Healthy New Year with these Simple Self-Care Tips

 With the new year ushered in, it’s time for a wellness reset of sorts. This year, leave the new year’s larger-than-life goals behind and make time to celebrate yourself with a simple, fresh outlook. Opting for small tweaks and forming new rituals are both rewarding and more likely to form lasting healthy habits…and memories.

1. Carve out Time for a Ritual

Even the act of making New Year’s Resolutions can be overwhelming at times. Makeover your new year routine with accessible and healthy habit-forming practices, no matter how small. The art of initiating a new routine is the perfect invitation to lower your stress meter and learn something new.

Historically tea ceremonies have been the ritualized form of making tea rooted in custom and tradition, cultivating a moment of presence and mindfulness. Start yours by exploring classic Fairmont Lot 35 teas, such as the favorite Creamy Earl Grey or awaken your senses with the decadent flavours of Lot 35 Winter Teas, including the Chocolate Truffle Chai with sweet caramel notes, a strong spice flavor and chocolate truffle finish. Or, for an inviting aroma in your home, Cinnamon Orange Blossom Tea is ideal for making on the stove featuring refreshing orange and fruit flavors with a hint of spice.

2. Go Analog

With each year, we become increasingly reliant on our digital devices. Yet, setting aside our electronic devices for more distraction free time reduces anxiety and even deepens our relationships with ourselves and others. Not to mention, less time scrolling gives you more time to learn something new like learning a new language, art form or getting in those extra few steps you’ve been meaning to.

Or keep it simple and spend a few moments each day unwinding while curling up in a Fairmont Cable Knit Throw Blanket with a cuppa and a new book. Explore an analog alarm clock for a fresh wake-up and give yourself a positive start to the day with 15 minutes of uninterrupted meditation or writing.

3. Love the Skin You’re in

Embrace your uniqueness and celebrate your body by taking an extra moment to nourish your skin. Lotions are great for dry skin, but oils can help reintroduce lost moisture, like food for your body. Body Oils are also great for improving skin barrier function, keeping your skin feeling soft and supple. Le Labo Rose 31 Massage and Perfuming Oil featuring natural ingredients including botanical extracts, vitamins and proteins to cleanse, nourish and condition. Treat yourself (or partner) post shower or bath with the oil to lock in the moisture, then wrap your body in the cocoon of a Fairmont Gold Robe.

4. Take a Self-Care Trip.

Taking a self-care trip can be a game-changer for many. Even if your personal obligations might not allow you to travel at the moment, planning a getaway for a weekend can give you that something special you’ll look forward to. 

Nature-inspired vacations with outdoor adventures can help you reduce stress, increase mindfulness, and improve sleep.

“Imagine checking off all of these bucket list experiences in one trip,” suggests Davina Bernard. “Visit an iconic destination, learn how to show up stronger for yourself, take a pause from the daily to-do list, and let someone else pamper you.”

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise offers transformational, all-inclusive wellness retreats for two-four nights throughout the year, focusing on content like yoga, mindfulness, meditation, self-love, stress management, or leadership. These retreats offer a chance to refocus on what your priorities are. Remind yourself of your commitment to health and well-being by picking up a memento of your trip from the Fairmont Store.

5. Slumber Self - Care

Healthy sleep habits are one of the most important gifts you can give yourself this year. It’s easy to fall into the pattern of late night streaming binges paired with overconsumption of caffeine during the day. Reimagine your sleep routine this year for a renewed sense of self by avoiding heavy meals and caffeine late in the evening and turning off electronics early. Set yourself up for sleep success by allowing for an hour of wind down time before bed and creating the ideal atmosphere with soft textures and a high-quality mattress like The Fairmont Bed with a sleep system that will inspire you to hit the sack early for the sleep your body craves.

Happy New Year!