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    Self-Care Tips for the New Year

    Creating new years’ resolutions can be a daunting and self-defeating task. Swap out the old adage of the “new year, new you” ideal for more fulfilling, healthy habits that will kick start 2022.


    Dedicate Time to Rituals

    While New Year’s resolutions can be aspirational, they don’t always make their way into habit-forming behavior. Instead, start small by incorporating a ritual or two into your day. A new tradition provides a sense of stability and continuity amidst the ever-changing and sometimes chaotic world in which we live.

    Our favorite way is to start small with a cup of Lot 35 tea. Historically, tea ceremonies have been the ritualized form of making tea. The art of making a cup of tea, whether at home, the workplace, etc., gives us a brief moment of respite from the busyness of life. Things we consider small or mundane transform into moments of gratitude, a celebration with loved ones, or a moment in time where everything slows, and we find beauty in even the smallest of gestures or….even imperfections.

    Move Your Body

    Choose a daily gentle stretch or a high-intensity workout that will get those feel-good endorphins flowing!

    “We’ve all read the research, and we know the science is proven - daily exercise increases satisfaction in all aspects of our life; the hurdle is getting the work-out in,” says Davina Bernard, Wellness Director, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. “I’ve found that if I do 15 minutes right after waking up, then it’s crossed off the list, and I can move on to coffee and breakfast rewards.”

    Whether you do a few short minutes of sun salutations, jump rope in your bedroom, or take your motion outside, a bit of sweat will also release tension. For maximum detoxing benefits, follow up your workouts with a warm bath and then enjoy some pampering with Kerstin Florian products, including therapeutic oils, foot rubs and scrubs.

    Replace the Bad Habits with the Positive

    Breaking bad habits is ultimately challenging, as our old habits often provide us with a delicious form of affirmation or validation, even for a brief moment. The scrolling of social media feeds before bed or drinking too much coffee during the day serves us briefly at that time, but perhaps not in the long run. Try to reframe the bad habit by replacing it with something that feels good and nurtures you rather than eliminating it cold turkey. Replacing the potentially unhealthy pattern with one that elicits positive emotional associations will make it easier to stick to.

    Prioritize Sleep

    Perspectives on how vital sleep is have been changing for some time now. The days of being a sleep-deprived workaholic are no longer a badge of honor. We all know how lack of sleep can severely strain both physical and mental health, and cultivating good sleep habits is imperative to set the stage for the deep, restful zzzs you need. Begin by making small changes such as avoiding caffeine in the afternoon and heavy meals within three hours of bedtime. The blue light from electronics like your tv, tablet, or phone causes a disturbance in melatonin production, the critical hormone required for sleep. Try turning off devices at least an hour before you turn in to avoid serious sleep disruptions. Finally, set up a relaxing atmosphere with soft textures and a high-quality mattress like The Fairmont Bed with a sleep system that will inspire you to hit the sack early for the sleep your body craves.

    Take a Self-Care Trip

    Taking a self-care trip can be a game-changer for many. Even if you can’t travel at the moment, planning a getaway for a weekend can give you that something special we all need to look forward to right now. Nature-inspired vacations filled with outdoor adventures can help reduce stress, increase mindfulness, and improve your sleep.

    Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise offers transformational, all-inclusive wellness retreats for two to four nights throughout the year, focusing on content like yoga, mindfulness, meditation, self-love, stress management, or leadership. These retreats offer a chance to refocus on what your priorities are. Remind yourself of your commitment to health and wellbeing by picking up a memento of your trip from the Fairmont Store.

    “Imagine checking off all of these bucket list experiences in one trip,” suggests Davina Bernard. “Visit an iconic destination, learn how to show up stronger for yourself, take a pause from the daily to-do list, and let someone else pamper you.”

    And, of course, most healthy habits are best kept when you have a support system in place. Whether you’re making minor or major tweaks to your daily routine, share your progress or successes with friends and family (virtual or in-person) to keep up the positive momentum.

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