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SPF 70 Continuous Mist Sunscreen for Kids

SPF 70 Continuous Mist Sunscreen for Kids

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The highest quality of sun protection in a unique, oil-free formula. Thoughtfully formulated with top-of-the-line ingredients to provide maximum sun protection.

This formula enhances water resistance by physically cutting through water molecules to keep the skin protected longer from the sun’s harmful rays.

Includes high-grade moisturizing agents that leave the skin feeling soft and silky smooth. 

Not just for kids, this sunscreen is perfect for swimmers, athletes, or any adult looking for high level water-resistant SPF protection. 

The non-aerosol, eco-friendly 360º dispenser sprays at any angle for complete, even coverage without damaging the environment. Without the need for chemical propellants, what is dispensed onto the skin is pure product.

5.0 oz.

Dermatologist tested, recommended, and endorsed.

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