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Intense sun exposure, plane travel, poor diet, and lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your epidermis, but that flawless glowing skin you desire doesn’t have to be evasive. There are some virtually effortless ways to create that magical glow all year long.
With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, National Relaxation Day is a much-needed day to celebrate what we could all use a little more of - a day to do less and prioritize ourselves. So this August 15th, let’s take time to embrace all things cortisol reducing with a day of pampering at home.
With thermostats on the rise, it’s time to evaluate your beauty routine and synchronize your product choices with the changing temperatures. The Fairmont Store has a few beauty-related tips that will have you springing into the new season.
Tea may be an ancient tradition, but the beverage continues to experience growth and evolution in flavor and culture. Here are five tea trends to pore over while you sip on your next cuppa.
A night of great sleep is an essential component of mental and physical health, but after a busy day of non-stop activity, it can be hard to wind down and fall asleep.  While there is no universal way to guarantee sleep success, setting the stage with a healthy sleep routine will have you leveling up the quality of your sleep in no time.
When the days are short, and the nights long, lethargy can take center stage.  Winter is the time of the year when languishing, rather than flourishing, can seem like the norm. Take a break from the drudgery with the perfect day of pampering, a sure-fire antidote to the winter blues.
 With the new year ushered in, it’s time for a wellness reset of sorts. This year, leave the new year’s larger-than-life goals behind and make time to celebrate yourself with a simple, fresh outlook.
Sipping a cuppa isn’t only reserved for morning or relaxation rituals. Thanks to creative mixologists, tea cocktails have become a staple on bar and lounge menus around the globe, and with good reason.

A Fairmont Spa Director shares her expert tips. Whether you can’t make it in for your regular spa visit or you’re merely in need of a dose of self-care, there has never been a better time for a DIY spa day.

Imagine traveling home from a peaceful Bali getaway while a wave of apprehension slowly engulfs you. You dread the inevitable, not the return to routine or responsibility, but the return to your bed. Your Bali vacation gave you peaceful nights filled with sweet dreams. 
After a busy day working from home, traveling, or just enjoying time with the family, we can all use a few tricks to fall asleep fast. After all, when your mind has been active all day, it can be tough to wind down before bed.
There is something about staying in a Fairmont guest room that lulls people to sleep at night. Maybe it’s the crisp sheets or the feathery pillows, or perhaps it’s the blackout curtains or the supportive mattress.


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