Revitalize - Lot 35

Revitalize - Lot 35

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A veritable symphony of high altitude flavor east African Green Tea. Kenyan white tea matcha provides an antioxidant boost. Crafted from luxury green tea and white matcha, blended with dried fruit and camomile which truly enhances this delicious tea. Medium caffeine, very high in antioxidant properties, the longer the tea is brewed the better the antioxidant benefits.Biodegradable pyramid teabags offer fuller flavor tea.

Ingredients: Green and White Tea, Strawberry pieces, Camomile petals

Tea Origin: Kenya, Malawi

25 Pyramid Teabags per box

Steeping Times:
Mild: 1-2 minutes
Medium: 2-3 minutes
Strong: 3-5 minutes
We recommend: 2-3 minutes – made easy with our handy tea timer also available