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Clear Luisa Calice | Set of 2

Clear Luisa Calice | Set of 2

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These fluted wine glasses are both modern and vintage-inspired, crafted using an artisanal mouth-blown technique. Pairs beautifully with our Clear Luisa Carafe.


This glassware, sourced by purpose-led homewares brand Obakki, is crafted from Swiss borosilicate glass, known for its pure, durable quality. Borosilicate glass is some of the most resilient glass in the world; known for its incredible ability to withstand extreme temperature changes without cracking or scratching due to the low thermal expansion in the chemical structure of the glass.

The pieces are shaped using traditional mouth blowing technique; the innovation of design comes from modern shapes inspired by aesthetics of rationalist and modernist architecture whilst respecting its functionality. The result gives each piece a simple elegance.

These special pieces were crafted in a workshop run by third-generation glassblowers called R+D Lab in Italy. Made entirely by artisan hands, each piece is unique and has been created to stand the test of time—both in terms of their timeless design and their unequivocal durability. If handled with care, they will last a lifetime.

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