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Autumn Seasonal Tea Bundle

Autumn Seasonal Tea Bundle

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The Fall Seasonal Tea Bundle includes:

Sencha Harvest Spice
Our new Fall flavor of warm cinnamon spice nestled in sencha green tea with a fresh and fruity finish. Morning or night, this low caffeine content tea is the perfect way to warm up in the crisp Fall air. No cream or sugar is needed for this spicy blend made from Green Tea, apples, cinnamon, rose, and safflower petals.

Cardamom Pear
Our new Fall flavor of luxury green tea infused with fragrant cardamom and subtle Anjou pear will warm you up as the weather turns colder. Ingredients include Green tea, apple, cardamom, pear, chamomile petals, and natural flavors make this low caffeine tea a great choice any time of day.

Black Licorice Brulee
Our new Fall flavor of Herbal tea is a perfect pair for our licorice fans! Our Black Licorice Brulee is an eclectic blend of Mediterranean herbs and spices with a lingering licorice finish. The ingredients for this Herbal tea include anise, fennel, currant, Roseship, Butterfly Blue Pea Flower, hibiscus, star anise, nettle, and jasmine. This natural blend will give you all the sweet taste and spice of licorice without the negative side effects!

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