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Sunless Tanning Mist

Sunless Tanning Mist

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The award-winning (“Shape Beauty Best Self Tanner”), cult-favorite Sunless Tanning Mist is a crystal clear, ultra-fine mist formulated for both the face and body. Often referred to as “Magic in a Bottle,” this mist requires no rubbing in, works at any angle, applies evenly and streak-free, and sprays on completely clear, ensuring no stains left behind on light colored clothing or bedding. 

All organic Erythrulose, a naturally occurring sugar in red raspberries, ensures longer-lasting, streak-free color.

This revolutionary formula fully dries in a flash while offering the skin a dose of deep hydration with natural Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel. Within a few short hours, the skin is left with the tan of all tans - natural-looking, deep, streak-free, even color with zero orange tones. For the ultimate sunless tan, we recommend misting on two applications.

5.0 oz.

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