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Reserve Golden Yunnan Loose Leaf

Reserve Golden Yunnan Loose Leaf

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Reserve Golden Yunnan Hills loose leaf from Lot 35 is a luxury black tea hand-harvested during the early season in the region of China known as the "birthplace of tea." This extremely rare tea is from secret gardens passed down through generations. Once brewed, it releases oak highlights and finishes with qualities reminiscent of a peaty Speyside Scotch that will marvel the palate. 

Sourced from India Sri Lanka, Kenya and China. Some of these have been grown on bushes dating to the original planters of the British Empire. Indulge in an inspiring cup of tea with Lot 35 loose leaf teas. Our rich, custom blends of hand-selected teas are flecked with flower petals, colorful dried fruits and premium spices. All Lot 35 teas are small batch crafted, vegan, kosher and gluten free.

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