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Revitalize Loose Leaf

Revitalize Loose Leaf

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Multi-layered Revitalize loose leaf tea combines luxury-grade green tea from the high elevations of east Africa with white matcha, which lends both sweetness and a strong antioxidant boost. Dried strawberry and camomile flowers add color, aroma and an additional burst of flavor to this delicious, complex tea from Lot 35.

Lot 35 tea offers the finest hand-picked teas from around the world. Crafted exclusively for Fairmont by the Metropolitan Tea Company, this luxurious collection reflects the nuance and terroir of the regions where each tea was carefully grown. Indulge in a special blend as extraordinary as our exceptional, landmark venues.

The complexity of Revitalize tea pairs well with the intricate design of the Library Collection 4 Cup Teapot, inspired by the interior decor of the Library Room at the Fairmont Empress Hotel.

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